Video: ‘Lincoln’ Trailer Released

We’ve been eagerly anticipating Stephen Spielberg’s upcoming film Lincoln, which stars Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln himself. Now, the official trailer for the film has been released, giving us our most in-depth look so far at this exciting new film.

Lincoln, which has a script penned by famed playwright Tony Kushner, tells the story of the 16th President’s final months in office and the struggles he faced, including the passage of the 13th Amendment and the end of the Civil War. In addition to Lewis, the film also stars Sally Field, James Spader, Hal Holbrook and Tommy Lee Jones. The film is produced by DreamWorks Pictures, and will be distributed by Disney through their Touchstone Pictures division.

Check out the new trailer below:

Lincoln will debut in select theaters November 9 before opening in wide release on November 16, 2012.

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