Will World of Color Save Disney’s California Adventure?

Disney executives are betting heavily on the upcoming debut of World of Color. The company hopes that their upcoming extravaganza will turn the under-performing park into a hit.

On Thurday, June 11th, Disney will launch this ambitious project. Costing an estimated $75 million it is a key component of a billion dollar plan to improve the performance of Disney’s California Adventure. According to the New York Times:

Opened on the cheap in 2001, California Adventure has been a laggard in Disney’s $11 billion resorts and parks portfolio. The company has been pouring money into the park to turn it around, notably two years ago adding Toy Story Mania, an $80 million attraction that essentially puts riders inside a video game.

This still hasn’t managed to put California Adventure on anything approaching parity with its older brother Disneyland. Last year Disneyland saw 16 million visitors while DCA saw a mere 6. Disney is hoping that putting all this time and money into the younger park will alleviate some of the crowds at Disneyland. Hopefully siphoning off some of the surging crowds of the oldest Disney park will make everyone happier in the end.

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