Disney Channel’s Selena Gomez and ‘Hannah Montana’ Set To Reveal New Videos After ‘Camp Rock 2’ Debut

The Disney Channel’s much-anticipated ‘Camp Rock 2’ premiere will be followed up by two more highly anticipated debuts.

Selena Gomez will be debuting her new track ‘A Year Without Rain’ following the September 3rd premiere. A full audio stream is also already available online. This is the second single off of Selena Gomez and the Scene’s album of the same name. In addition to the new video for this song, ‘Que Sara’ from Hannah Montana season 4 will also be premiering.

You can also watch video teasers of the video that have been released:

6 responses to “Disney Channel’s Selena Gomez and ‘Hannah Montana’ Set To Reveal New Videos After ‘Camp Rock 2’ Debut

  • Both a little disappointing. Que Sera is a cute song, but the video… what the hell Disney? You couldn’t get Miley to show up to the video shoot, so you used a second rate stand in, some bad actors, one set, and a real bad plot? And everything about the Selena Gomez & The Scene video is boring. The desert, the dress, the song, and I hate to say it, the girl. Even though Can’t Be Tamed sounded bad, at least it was spicy than this schlock that they are putting out now.

  • Qwerty, you must be blind and death not to like Selena’s new music vid she is awsome and looks well hot in that dress.

    Que Sera was an amazing song.

    Can’t Be Tamed was on of the best song Miley has sung behind “7 Thing’s” and “The Climb”.

    Good job Selena.

  • i really think miley has gone down hill i didnt like cant be tamed and this new was was bad aswell. what happened to the good songs she used to sing like 7 things or the climb?

    well done selena i loved the video and the song was great. keep up the good work 🙂

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