Disney Classic ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Released from the Vault and Available on Blu-ray

sleeping beautyThe animated Disney classic Sleeping Beauty has been released from the vault.

The film is celebrating its 55th anniversary and is now available in the Diamond Edition featuring a Blu-ray and Digital DVD version.

Sleeping Beauty took 300 animators and artists six years to create and included close to 1 million drawings and other pieces of artwork.

The Diamond Edition of Sleeping Beauty includes a deleted character – The Vulture – an Aurora sing-along, a 3D Maleficent sculpture, and more.

Speaking of Maleficent, the Blu-ray version of Disney’s live-action film will be arriving later this year.

As part of the 55th anniversary celebration for Sleeping Beauty, Walt Disney Records has released The Legacy Collection Sleeping Beauty. This is the third in a series of special musical releases celebrating Disney classics.

The Sleeping Beauty collection features the film’s original soundtrack in addition to The Lost Chords of Sleeping Beauty.


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