Disney to Add Bonus Pics with Photo Pass at Select Character Meet and Greets

Have you always wished that you had a few more pictures of your favorite characters to enjoy once you arrive home from your vacation?

See?  Disney knew that.

And to that point, they are adding a brand new feature to their popular Photo Pass website.  Now, when you have your photo taken at select character meet and greet locations throughout the Walt Disney World Parks, the company will add – as if by magic – extra photos of the characters from your interaction.  The shots will be stock photos, but Disney promises that they’ll be chock full of stunning detail, and the perfect addition to your scrapbook or computer desktop.

The Photo Pass system enables guests to have professional photos taken with many characters throughout the park.  With a swipe of a card, the Disney photographer equips the guest to download and view the photos once they arrive home for purchase.  The photos can also be viewed at special locations throughout Disney property.

When guests purchase the photo CD of their trip, high resolution versions of the stock photos will automatically be included. 

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