Ginny Tyler, Voice Actress and Disney Legend, Dies at Age 86

Ginny Tyler, named a Disney Legend in 2006 for her career as a notable voice actress, passed away July 13 from natural causes at her home in Issaquah, Washington.  She was 86 at the time.

If you’ve listened to the chorus of birds outside of Disneyland’s Tiki Room, or enjoyed the animals during the Mary Poppins song “Jolly Holiday”, you’ve heard Ginny Tyler perform.  Tyler, best known for her work as Head Mouseketeer when the original Mickey Mouse Club was reworked for syndication in 1963, also narrated recordings for Disney (Bambi, Babes in Toyland) and became particularly well known for giving voice to animal characters.  In addition to voicing several of the barnyard animals in the animated Mary Poppins segment, Tyler also gave personality to the squirrels in The Sword and the Stone, as well as Polynesia the Parrot opposite Rex Harrison in Dr. Dolittle.

In later years, Tyler commented that her time as Head Mouseketeer, and interacting with crowds at Disneyland was the highlight of her career.

Tyler is survived by her son, Ty Fenton; two brothers, Don and Terry Eggers; two grandchildren; and one great-grandchild.

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