Magic Kingdom Now Offering Free In-Park Wi-Fi to Guests

Walt Disney World guests who don’t want to give up their internet access while in the parks now have the opportunity to be more connected than ever before. As of this week, guests in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom now have access to free in-park wi-fi.

Disney implemented the new wireless network on August 1, making the Magic Kingdom the first Central Florida theme park to offer free wi-fi inside a theme park. Guests can get online simply by joining the official network “Disney-Guest” and agreeing to Disney’s Terms of Service. While the wireless network is currently only available in the Magic Kingdom, Disney has plans to bring free Wi-Fi to Walt Disney World’s other three theme parks and Downtown Disney by early 2013.

This new change comes soon after Epcot guests experienced free in-park wifi for a limited time as part of Brave – The Highland Games Tournament, and a few months after Walt Disney World’s resorts received free wi-fi for the first time. The new wireless implementation is part of Disney’s ongoing “Next-Gen” system, which strives to use technological innovations to improve and simplify guests’ experiences at the parks.

Speeds and connectivity strength may vary for users as Disney continues to roll out the new network, with some guests currently experiencing slow speeds on the new Wi-Fi network. Will you take advantage of this new perk for Magic Kingdom guests? How important is staying connected to you while inside the parks? Leave a comment and let us know.



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  • I am super happy with the free wifi. Seems like a “duh” thing. I will take advantage with my new iPad in 10 days!

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