Mickey Fix – The Place to Find All the Disney Stuff You Never Knew You Needed

As we’re getting close to the true start of the holiday shopping season – Black Friday – we wanted to share one of our favorite sites for all things Disney.

It’s called Mickey Fix and if you haven’t checked it out, we just have to ask: what are you waiting for?

As the home page says, it’s the place to find all the Disney stuff you never knew you needed. And that’s the truth. You’ll find accessories, apparel, books, fine art, and more every single day.

One of the best things about Mickey Fix is the site is updated daily and there’s always something fun or whimsical to be found.

The site also features a Disney Gift Guides section where you’ll find guides for Top 10 Disney Shirts, Top 10 Disney iPhone Cases, and even Awesome Disney Jewelry. The creative minds over at Mickey Fix are always coming up with new gift guides, so check back often especially with the holidays just around the corner. You might just find that perfect gift in the newest gift guide.

And in celebration of the holidays and all the holiday shopping you’ll be doing, Mickey Fix is giving away one $50 Disney gift card to a lucky reader! The giveaway ends on December 5 at 11:59 p.m. so stop by and enter to win!

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