Nathan Lane to Reprise Role of ‘Pepper’ on Upcoming Episode of ‘Modern Family’

Our friends over at ABC’s “Modern Family” clearly like things nicely seasoned, as Nathan Lane is set to reprise his role as Pepper Saltzman in an upcoming episode this spring.

Lane made magic opposite Eric Stonestreet (Cam) and Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitch) last fall as their thrower-of-flamboyant-parties friend. In fact, in the previous episode, the couple are on their way out the door to Pepper’s latest fete, Oscar Wilde & Crazy Brunch, when the earthquake hits, giving them the perfect out.

This time around, Pepper accompanies Cam and Mitch, along with other friends, for a boys night out.  Jay, Mitch’s dad, inadvertantly ends up at the party – and hilarity, we presume, ensues.

No date for the airing of the episode.  But we’re looking forward to it.

Modern Family added to its critical acclaim this past Saturday night, picking up a Producer’s Guild Award for Best Comedy Series.

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