Oh My Disney (OMD) Blog Offers Disney’s Unique Wit in Digital Form

Disney’s newest foray into new media outlets, OMD (Oh My Disney), is a unique blend of the nostalgic and retro with the current and trendy, all with a dash of Disney’s unique wit and wisdom.

The blog – which will eventually offer ways for fans to participate, along with video content – features brief articles on content that fans will find fascinating. For example, in honor of National Women’s History Month in March, OMD posted an article titled “Disney Damsels, Not in Distress.” The reading reviews 20 Disney Damsels who are no pushovers, including Tinkerbell (“no words, no nonsense”) Megara (“I’m a damsel, I’m in distress. I can handle this. Have a nice day!”), newest princess Merida, along with some ladies who you may not have considered, such as Edna from the Incredibles and Marie from the Aristocats.

“We were looking for ways to deepen our connection to our large social audience,” Mark Walker, senior VP of Disney Interactive Entertainment, told Mashable. “This was a natural extension of the content we’re already developing for channels like Facebook, YouTube, and Tumblr.”

The articles will appeal to a broad audience, fair-weather fans to collectors and die-hards alike, as the content ranges from “[Disney] Baby Animals Are Cuter” to “The Many Emotional Stages of Opening a Vinylmation.” The articles compare characters from various Disney films, characters, and images, exploring everything from their fashion sense and love life to the food that is portrayed in Disney movies (yum!). All of the content is geared towards a contemporary audience as part of Disney’s goal to reach a digital audience. As part of that initiative, all articles on the blog can easily be shared via Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, and other media sites via handy buttons that are located at the top of any article.

“It came out of a brainstorm in which we thought ‘wouldn’t it be cool if…’. Disney has a long history of storytelling and it’s our job to evolve those stories for the digital audience. This just seemed like the next logical step,” Walker said.

The blog comes on the heels of other technological experiments and experiences, like Disney’s Facebook page (which went live in 2009), the Find Your Way to Oz Google Chrome experiment, the much-anticipated Disney Infinity, and even the RFID bracelets and cards being implemented in the parks.

Which article on the OMD blog is your favorite so far, and what features do you hope to eventually see on the OMD blog?



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