Ramona and Beezus Reviews

Will lukewarm reviews derail the opening of Ramona and Beezus?  The film currently has a rating on Rotten Tomatoes of 48% although this is fluctuating as the film approaches its July 23 opening.  Does this bode ill for the Selena Gomez vehicle?

Fox  is likely to be unconcerned with the numbers.  It’s hard to believe that the target market for this film is overly concerned with the opinions of critics.  However some suggest that it may in fact do better as a DVD than it does in theaters.  According to the Hollywood Reporter:

It’s possible that resident Disney personality Gomez could bring in her tween and pre-tween audience, but it’s more likely that “R&B” will be a better fit for home viewing.

Ultimately the film may prove a test of Selena Gomez’s power as a tween superstar.  Will her target audience be willing to wait for the DVD or will they demand to see it in the theaters?

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