Would You Believe Joe Jonas As A Murderer?

Like many Disney celebrities, Joe Jonas appears to be looking to shed his wholesome image. But would he resort to murder?

Probably not, but SeattlePI.com is reporting that he’d like to try a role as one. According to the article Jonas would like to expand his acting career into a CSI-style show. Whether the squeaky clean Disney star would be believable in the role is another question.

In the meantime he seems content to continue with his slew of Disney projects, including Camp Rock 2, which debuts this September. From the article:

Yes, we head out on tour and the co-stars are coming along with us. We’re making the movie even bigger than it is [by] bringing it on stage, having that music on stage, with all the different actors and musicians.

No word on whether the tour will include any of Jonas’ darker inclinations.


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