The Future of ‘Camp Rock’ and other Disney Channel Franchises

While Hannah Montana may not be with the Disney Channel much longer, Disney has many other franchises running. Is the pipeline of young Disney stars still full?

Joe Jonas in his recent interview with TVGuide provides some insight into the longevity of the ‘Camp Rock movies. While he indicated he was open to trying to move his acting career in a darker direction, he also indicated interest in continuing his relationship with Disney: You have Camp Rock 2 coming up. Any chance we can get a Camp Rock 3 on the big screen?
Jonas: Hey, let’s do it! [Camp Rock 2] has an ending where it can continue.

While previous Disney stars seemed to chafe at the Disney yoke, current stars like Jonas and Selena Gomez seem to be more comfortable with the relationship. Obviously Jonas would like to get his chance at serious acting roles, but it doesn’t sound like he’s ready to turn his back on Disney just yet.


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