New Details Emerge about Disney Pixar’s ‘Brave’

New concept art from Disney Pixar’s upcoming “Brave” was posted at Entertainment Weekly online earlier this week, and gives fans an eyeful of the amazing scenes we can expect to see when the feature arrives June 22, 2012. In addition to the artwork, EW’s piece also mentioned several more details about the film, including the fact that Reese Witherspoon won’t be voicing the lead character Princess Merida. Due to scheduling issues, Witherspoon was replaced with Scottish actress Kelly Macdonald.

We also learn that the story will involve three Scottish nobleman:  “enormous” Lord MacGuffin, played by Kevin McKidd, “surly” Lord Macintosh, who will be voiced by Craig Ferguson, and “disagreeable” Lord Dingwall, featuring the talents of Robbie Coltrane.

Directors Brenda Chapman and Mark Andrews will be co-credited for their work on the film. Initially, Chapman, who also penned “Brave,” was slated to direct the film, but was later replaced by Andrews.  The studio cited “creative reasons” for the change. 

As the release date draws nearer, Disney Pixar is playing up the comedic aspects of ‘Brave,” though “Toy Story 3” director Lee Unkrich reportedly said in an interview that viewers can expect a “very gritty adventure.”

In other news, sources say that Disney Pixar will be attaching a teaser trailer for “Brave” to the upcoming “Cars 2.” The move isn’t necessarily surprising, since Disney Pixar normally provides fans with a preview of future releases with current films, but this is the first word about a “Brave” trailer.  Artists for the film are reportedly hard at work in an effort to get the spot ready in time for the June release.

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  • The concept art looks greats. Is it me or is Pixar deliberately not waiting a full year by releasing the Monsters Inc prequel. It just seems like they’re nervous that their movie won’t be as welcomed as their other franchises.

  • We’re excited about this one, too. It will be an interesting setting for a story, and the voice talent seems promising. Not sure about the timing; both Disney and Pixar seem to have lots of projects in the hopper currently. I suppose they all have to come out sometime. But I know LOTS of folks are especially excited for Monsters, Inc, which has now been confirmed to be a prequel (story coming shortly 🙂 ) Thanks for your comment, Jeff!

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