Disney and Lilly Diabetes Launch New Resource for Families on Type 1 Diabetes

Families who are affected by Type 1 Diabetes now have a new resource to turn to, thanks to a new initiative launched this week by Disney Interactive and Lilly Diabetes. The two companies have collaborated on a new online destination on Spoonful.com, Disney’s newest website for moms.

The new lifestyle website is a wide-ranging resource for parents who have a child with Type 1 Diabetes, featuring videos, articles, and advice that help families manage type 1 diabetes in everyday situations. For instance, advice provided on the website will deal with such topics as information on what to pack for vacations and other outings; how to discuss type 1 diabetes with friends, teachers, and coaches; and routines for families that manage their child’s diabetes while still allowing them to be a normal kid. Contributors to the new website will include¬†dietitians, psychologists, nurses, and other families, giving the site a wide variety of perspectives and topics to better help families cope with the disease.

To explore this new online destination for yourself, visit www.Spoonful.com/type1.

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