Spring Issue of Disney Twenty-Three Magazine Pays Tribute to 75 Years of Disney Animation

This spring, D23 members and Disney fans will be able to take an exciting look at Disney’s legendary animation department and history in the newest issue of Disney twenty-three magazine. The Spring 2012 issue will celebrate 75 years of Disney animated films, with special insights, stories, and details about Disney’s animation heritage.

“It’s often been said that animation is the heart and soul of Disney, so we knew we needed to do something truly spectacular with our magazine in this milestone year,” said Steven Clark, head of D23. “Whether you’re interested in the first Golden Age of Disney animation or you’re looking forward to the next beloved classic, there’s something in this issue for every Disney fan.”

The issue’s first story will examine the legacy of Walt Disney and his vision for his films. Famed animation historian and Academy Award winner John Canemaker will examine how Disney’s animated films have continued to raise the bar for animation, beginning with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937. The magazine issue will also include:

  • The Six Older Men: A revealing look at the rarely seen talented artists and illustrators who helped train Disney’s legendary “Nine Old Men”;
  • Ralph’s Wrecking Crew: An early glimpse at the process of producing Wreck-It Ralph, the next feature film from Walt Disney Animation Studios;
  • Ballyhoo and Buzz: A colorful look at some of Disney’s off-the-wall stunts for marketing new movies before the advent of broadcast and digital media;
  • Striking the Right Chords: An exploration of the memorable music written for animated features, with insight from film historian Leonard Maltin;
  • Still Soaring: A touching interview with talented artist Tyrus Wong, now 101 years old, who helped create the extraordinary look of Bambi;
  • A Work of Art: An introduction to Disney’s Animation Research Library, home to 65 million individual pieces of original animation art.

The spring 2012 issue of Disney twenty-three magazine will be available nationwide beginning on February 14. The issue will retail for $15.95 at retail locations nationwide, along with DisneyStore.com and at the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts.  D23 Gold-level members will receive the magazine in early February, along with a limited edition replica animation cel from Snow White.

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